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we were floating through turquoise skies
when you fed me lies
and sang the same reprises
that you sing tonight-
but in your bones
is a warm home
where i’d like to reside
if you’d just swallow your pride.

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the greens so mean
that when it screams
it feels complacent. 
time gets patient. 
ticking slowly 
as the walls 
move in the basement.
the air feels heavy, 
smelling of yellow haze 
and warm gin.
sinking ito our skin. 
tasting like 
fresh committed sins.
homeboy asked, 
"is your life on drugs?"
I gave him a mug.
He laughed 
and gave my face a hug.
All we know is 
peace, tree, and hair grease.
Blow til our souls weak.
Act like you know me.
But you ain’t my homie.
(this was actually a freestyle rap, i do those sometimes.)

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  -  17 April

the last time we spoke was in the parking lot of my apartment. we looked at my neighbors door for what seemed like hours sneaking glances at each other through every reflective surface that was there until the neighborhood feen tapped on your back window. 

we laughed for about two minutes and forty seconds (or the duration of Talamak by Toro y Moi) about the situation after you ”handled it”. 

before you leave we talked about astrology and how every lover (you & i) have ever had the pleasure of loving romanticized things like stars and pain compressing them to mere fractions of what they really are. oversimplifying them until they are just a gesture, like a swift breath on ones shoulders that travels 

down their spine and passes their ribcage as it travels back up to their mouth passing the three freckles on the left side of their chin that mock constellations.

we both had to work early. so we exchanged solemn goodbyes.

every time we part i wish i could tell you how i feel and look you straight in the eyes. but every time i see you airplanes get stuck in my throat. i just hope you could see past my smile lines.

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it is not quite summer
but the idea
of your tan skin
next to mines
excites all 206 bones
in my nutmeg covered body
that always feels like Sunday
when doused
in a night full of
unapolegetic moments
spent with yours.

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with you
sounds like hello
and feels like
a hug
that gently tugs
at your heartstrings
then tiptoes away sweetly
leaving lingering goodbyes
that are different
each and every time
we part.

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  -  13 April

you could be all the



and metaphors

if you please-

but be easy on me.

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what am i to do
when every thing i love
starts with you?

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  -  10 April
every thing
(disaster that you wish never happened, 
but it did and now you’re left 
feeling nothing and every thing at the same time)
is not fixable.
That’s okay.

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I saw a hummingbird the other day.
Its wings reminded me of you,
but lately the simplest things do.
Like the wind
and how you always blow your coffee
before the first taste
and never finish,
washing a few extra sips
you could have easily indulged in-
but didn’t for whatever artsy reason,
down the drain.
Little things like that
that drive me insane.

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i wonder
how the small of your back
feels after a long day
of room tempature whining.
if you were here
i’d take that ache away.

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This year I promised
to not disappear
as often as I could.
I know you probably
wouldn’t mind much.
It’d be nice
if your arms
were where I hid.

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It is hard

to keep a

straight face

when I know

your body

feels like Sunday.

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When you look at me like my name is now
I grow anchors on my feet.
You constantly slay me
with your embarrassing bravery.
This spring has been cold
and your insides are savory.
I’m a war sometimes,
but you still come and save me.
Or am I saving you?
We’re floating bare in our skin
like we got shit to prove.
How ‘bout we state our intentions
and wear them like tattoos?
'Cause I got love in my bones
I wanna give to you.

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You are such the truth

it makes me over easy.

Found out you were the root

when I thought

you were just a leaf.

Our love is like a tree,

or at least that’s

what it seems.

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you were my favorite thing about summer
and my second favorite in fall, 
but in the winter you grew cold.
i didn’t like you much at all.
you told me you felt like you were losing yourself,
so i’d whisper your full name slow
so you’d remember who you are.
we use to outshine the stars together.
now we don’t really shine at all.
our texts have become less frequent
and you barely even call.
you only want me when you wanna remember
the man you were before…
you said you missed him.
i do too.
you remembered the time i told you i was lost
and asked what i’d do…
but i found you.
i found you reflecting on the peaks of my insides.
the first time i saw you i thought,
"he could make rocks dance with the music he makes."
everyone told me not to get involved,
but what is heartache without a heart to break?
what is danger to one who is never afraid,
but a flight delayed?
and i caught that flight.
and it was exhilarating,
and dark,
but all the while lovely.
y’know my smile still echoes your name
like the morning after we met.
like that day you curled up into my bones and whispered,
"babe, i’m gonna make a home of you."
now you just use me as a place to vacay
and as much as i love you
that’s just not okay.

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