(war)ning: i'm a small war

About me

I am Lo Dino aka lol vapor aka highLO aka Louie Adofo aka Yung Ro aka Lilo D aka Baby Storm aka Sunflower’s Lovechild.

I am a freelance Audio Engineer with a focus on Live Sound, Mixing, & post production and aspiring DJ.

—> audio portfolio <—

I host a really cool online radio show called LOZRS that features independent and underground artists from all across the country.

I like eating endless amounts of french fries and reading comic books. I have crazy colored hair and enjoy spontaneous rap/dance battles. I dig honesty & honestly I’m the most open & closed person you’ll ever meet. I’m also a vegetarian…if that matters to anyone…and I have this gnar food blog for veggie’s.

I’m a creative being, my body is a battlefield, and I wear my scars proudly….did I mention I’m insane? or getting there? yeah, that too.

shakiloross.wix.com | lothedino.blogspot.com | @lothedino

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  -  24 April
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