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  -  21 April
got your ambitions hanging from the ceiling.
starting to lose their meaning.
forgeeting that sweet feeling.
feels like so long ago
you were just young bones
occupied by a young soul—
but the days are getting colder
and the strain upon your shoulders
feels like boulders
getting heavy, so heavy each day.
you’d pray but forgot who to call on.
you’d sing but every song
just feels wrong.
So you light up a spliff
to free your mind
and put yourself together
one piece at a time.

(Source: lothedino.blogspot.com)

If you are the truth
then i’m a firm believer.
If you are the root
then baby i’m the seed
and i promise not to lea(f)ve you 
in the winter time.
In the spring you’ll be mines.
In summer you’ll still be fine—
but in the fall
i’ll see you through it all.
You’ll never have to call
even when you’re feeling small.
I will be there through the seasons.

(Source: lothedino.blogspot.com)


all this love,
all this love,
all this love
i got for you
is fading
and i’ve been debating
on whether i should
continue waiting
or if i should
let this thing go.

(Source: lothedino.blogspot.com)

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